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Shane Walker to Head Ambulance Service 


During the County Commission meeting the commissioners voted to appoint Commissioner Shane Walker as the director of the Ambulance Service. The vote was unanimous with Shane Walker and Geraldine walker abstaining due to conflicts of interest. The commission also voted to appoint three unpaid death investigators to work with the Medical Examiner. The vote was unanimous. 

The commission also voted to approve the new bid price for two new ambulances which is an increase greater the $14,000. The vote wan unanimous. 

The commission approved school budget amendments for the general-purpose fund and federal projects fund. They also voted to move $985,700 from fund 141 for a Career Technical Education Facility at Livingston Academy. These motions were previously approved by the Budget and Education committees. 

The County voted to approve $800 in a match sharing joint venture with the city for the airport terminal/design phase. 

The county approved budget amendment for Multiple Funds number 1, General Fund 101 Amendments 1 and 2. This was previously approved by the Budget committee. 

The commissioners approved Maintenance to get a truck bed for $5,000. 

The commissioners approved donating the original logs from the original county service building location to the Fair Board. 

The county will continue using Fidelity Bonds for county officials. 

There will be two new roads to be used for emergency purposes only. Mar Branch Lane which runs of Worley Loop in Monroe. Orchard Run runs off Rickman Road at the address of 3258 in Rickman. This was approved the Highway and County Property Committee. 

The county will be leasing three acres of the Old Sawmill Property to Tennessee College of Applied Technology, which was approved by the Highway and County Property Committee. 

The following new notaries were approved: Erika Henry, Jessica Hayes, John D Fournet. The following notaries were renewed: Chris Masiongale and Brooke L. Sanders. 

The next county Commission meeting will Monday, December 11, 2023.