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Money Matters

Americans are Turning to Side Hustles to Combat Inflation

(Family Features) As inflation increases, many Americans are looking for ways to make some extra cash. The rise of the gig economy and a variety of side hustle options may be a solution for some.

CME Group Opens Registration for 19th Annual University Trading Challenge

(NewsUSA) - It’s that time of year again: CME Group, the world’s leading derivatives exchange, is calling on college students with an interest in finance to team up and try their hand at …

How Young Workers Can Optimize Employee Benefits

(NewsUSA) - Young adults who are new to the workforce have a lot to think about. But when it comes to compensation, there are many ways to make your salary and benefits work for you. Taking full …

USAA Survey Shows Inflation Is Affecting Spending

(NewsUSA) - Inflation is top-of-mind for most Americans, as a majority say that they have reduced household spending in many areas except when it comes to retirement savings and life …

10 unconventional perks companies are offering remote workers

Firmspace compiled a list of 10 unconventional perks employers are beginning to offer, with a focus on those benefiting remote workers.

The 10 largest product recalls of the last decade

Estey & Bomberger, LLP compiled a list of the top 10 product recalls since 2007, ranked based on the number of product units recalled in the U.S.
More news about managing your money
10 stocks that were the most shorted in August
Which stocks do investors think will decline in price? Olive Invest compiled a list of the most shorted stocks in August 2022 from MarketWatch.
12 least affordable states for renters
Foothold Technology looked at the affordability of rent in each state, based on an analysis conducted by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.
How federal COVID-19 educational aid was awarded to every state
The federal government awarded $190 billion to schools to help students recover from the effects of the pandemic. HeyTutor broke down what every state received from educational relief funds.
8 important skills to be an elementary school teacher
Study.com compiled the required skills and abilities needed to become an elementary school teacher according to the O*NET Resource Center, as assessed via a survey of job incumbents, occupational experts, and occupational analysts that asked about the importance of various skills related to their jobs.  
Workers' compensation insurance for self-employed people: Here's what to know
Self-employed? Have employees? Simply Business takes a look at what you need to know about workers' compensation using government data.
Evolution of the 401(k)
The way Americans save for retirement is changing with every decade that passes. To illustrate the evolution of American retirement savings accounts, Guideline compiled a timeline on the evolution of the 401(k).
Metros with the most energy-efficient buildings
OhmConnect used the Environmental Protection's Agency's 2022 rankings to identify the metropolitan areas with the greatest number of Energy Star-certified buildings.
The fascinating history of the modern calculator
Gigacalculator compiled a list of important events throughout the history of the modern calculator using historical and news sources.
Comparing 5-year car and home price trends
Jerry analyzes and explains how rising costs compare in the car and home markets in the last five years.  
3 home improvement projects with the highest payoff before and after COVID-19
Angi analyzed data from Zonda Media's Remodeling 2022 Cost vs. Value Report to look for some of the best values in home remodeling.  

Costs of Aging in Place are Emotional and Financial

(NewsUSA) - Many older adults would prefer to remain in their own homes as they age, but a lack of affordable options makes this plan a challenge for individuals and their families, according to …

Financial Planning Programs Put College Students on Path to Career Success

(NewsUSA) - Millions of Americans will start or return to college this fall, pursuing an education that they hope will lead to successful careers. Among them are students who aspire to become …

Summer Jobs Boost Kids’ Money Management Skills

(NewsUSA) - Summer is here, and the job market for teens is hot. More travel and activities this summer are driving the need for teen workers to fill jobs as lifeguards, house sitters, dog …

Strategic Money Moves for Young Adults

(NewsUSA) -  For young adults starting out, money management can be a challenge. You may be navigating rent, car payments, monthly bills, food and also student loans. Many young adults are …

4 Ways Financial Planners Can Help Small Business Owners Succeed

(NewsUSA) - Small business owners have special financial needs and opportunities. You must navigate unique tax benefits and responsibilities, cash flow analyses, business credit and debt …

10 industries with the most job openings

With the country recovering from the setbacks caused by the coronavirus, companies are hiring. Tovuti LMS used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find out which industries offered the best prospects for jobs.

How auto loans compare by generation

As vehicle prices hover at historic highs, Experian looked at how differences in the number of auto loans and payment delays vary across generations.

How credit card usage differs by generation

Experian analyzed data from account holders across the country to find out how each generation uses credit cards.

How humans have sent each other money throughout history

Stacker compiled 10 technologies that people have used to send money through history, from the earliest checks to peer-to-peer cash apps.

What manufacturing workers make in every state

Get It Made used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to find the median hourly wage of manufacturing workers in every state across the U.S.

Hurricane Resilience: Manage and Mitigate Your Risks [Video]

(BPT) - A quiet hurricane season is no reason to let down your guard. The Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) urges consumers to be …

Tips every small business owner needs to know to up their business game

(BPT) - Successful small businesses are the ones that remain adaptable, forward-thinking, and leverage the right resources. As we enter the fall, there’s never been a better time to explore new …

Not Investing? No Worries: 5 Simple Tips for Getting Started

(BPT) - If you’re unsure of how to start planning for your financial future through investing, you’re far from alone.In fact, it might surprise you to know that 80 million Americans are …

The 3 Ps method that saves seniors on Medicare thousands every year

(BPT) - Inflation is putting the squeeze on all Americans, but no one is feeling the pinch more than those on Social Security and Medicare who are on a fixed income.Over 64 million Americans are …

3 reasons why young adults should invest in a life insurance policy

(BPT) - Life insurance is for people of all ages, not just parents and grandparents. While life insurance needs vary by age and stage of life, it's a good idea to invest in a life insurance plan …

10 stats that explain the state of digital currencies and assets today

PennyWorks compiled 10 statistics about the history of digital assets using research from CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and PitchBook.

Layoffs in these industries may be down to record lows

Stacker asked an economist why layoffs are at record lows, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.  

10 remote-friendly icebreaker games

Pyn compiled a list of icebreaker games that can be done virtually—along with instructions on how to play them—from sources across the web.

Historic cities: 10 metros with the oldest homes

New Jersey Real Estate Network collected U.S. Census Bureau data to understand which metro regions have the most old homes, which include houses built in 1949 or earlier.

The airlines with the most delays

There are few things more frustrating than a flight delay. Stacker went through data from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) to determine which airlines (and airports) have the most delays.

Industries that have seen the biggest online sales growth

This Giving Assistant analysis of U.S. Census data shows which industries have experienced the highest growth in online sales.  

How Ivy League endowments have grown over the past two decades

Using data from the U.S. Department of Education, EDsmart examined how much the Ivy League endowments have grown over 20 years.  

Foreclosures are rising with the end of COVID-era moratoriums. Here's where they're happening the most

Stacker examined foreclosure filing activity compiled by ATTOM Data for July 2022, the latest month for which the data was available.  

30 victories for workers' rights won by organized labor over the years

Stacker outlines 30 of the most consequential victories that unions fought for in the name of workers' rights. You'll learn about the milestones unions have achieved and the circumstances that made those victories worth fighting for.

Idaho, the Carolinas lead the country with biggest increase in car loans

To find out where Americans bought the most vehicles over the last five years, Experian looked at the number of auto loans nationwide.