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Suffering from another UTI? Ask your doctor these questions

(BPT) - A urinary tract infection (also called a UTI) is one of the most common infections worldwide and can impact anyone of any age. For some people, infections are easily identified and cleared …

Set & Reach Your Wellness Goals For 2023 and Beyond!

(BPT) - Lofty goals and unrealistic expectations are the enemy of real progress in our health and wellness routines. Wellness Lifestyle expert Jamie Hess is here to help us do better in 2023. To learn more, visit …
Health Care News And Notes

New Year, New You: Making Resolutions You Can Keep For A Healthy 2023

by the We Can Do This COVID-19Public Education Campaign(NAPSI)—Many people celebrate the promise and new beginnings of the New Year by making resolutions—often focused on health goals like losing …

Supplement Your Dental Care Routine

Brushing and flossing are the main tricks of the trade for maintaining a healthy smile, but if you want to expand your dental health from the inside out, you may want to consider …

Yoga: Modern research shows a variety of benefits to both body and mind from the ancient practice

The popularity of yoga has grown tremendously in the past decade. More than 10% of U.S. adults have practiced yoga at some point in their lives. Yoga practitioners on average spend …

24 causes of death—and how likely they are to happen

Stacker compiled data from the National Safety Council to assess the risk of dying from various different causes in the United States.
Health news for your family
Where’s The Bathroom? Why People with Ulcerative Colitis Need To Plan Ahead
(BPT) - Sponsored by Lilly USA, LLC Understanding Inflammatory Bowel Disease Have you ever had the sudden need to use the bathroom, yet none were nearby? Many of us have experienced this due to food …
How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy
(Family Features) The centerpiece of your respiratory system, your lungs have the important job of moving oxygen to your blood when you breathe in and removing carbon dioxide, a waste gas, when you breathe out.
Get Your Skin Clear for the New Year with an Award-Winning Acne Treatment
(BPT) - If an acne-free complexion is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’re in luck! There’s a revolutionary award-winning treatment that influencers, beauty experts and …
Learning to live with narcolepsy: A mental health counselor shares his journey
(BPT) - Mental health counselor and avid hiker Chris knew something was going on with his health. He was not only feeling tired all the time, but despite napping every day, he still fell asleep at …
Persistence and self-advocacy: A journey to find treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)
(BPT) - Raquel, an avid traveler and baker who works in investing, didn’t think her eyes looked different until she started noticing them in pictures. She enjoyed posting pictures on social …
How to Manage Birth Defects for a Lifetime
(Family Features) While some require minimal intervention after birth, many birth defects affect the individual, parents and families across a lifetime. Learn more about birth defects at each stage of life.
Better Balance for Every Day
(Family Features) Discovering a better version of yourself is all about striking balance.
Five Healthy Lifestyle Suggestions for the New Year from GOLO
(NewsUSA) - With the busy holiday season now over, there’s no better time than the present to take stock of your plans for a healthier lifestyle in the new year. But even with the best intentions, …
Stylist "Hairapists" Spotlight Disparities in Lung Cancer Screening
(NewsUSA) - The best way to make an impact on members of a community is to enlist a trusted source. Black Americans are more likely to develop and die from lung cancer than persons of any …
New Year’s Resolutions are a Thing of the Past. Start Building Healthy Habits Instead
(BPT) - It's an experience shared by many: You make an ambitious health resolution at the start of the year and a few months — or weeks — later, you lose steam and throw in the towel. …

Managing Birth Defects for a Lifetime

(Family Features) While some require minimal intervention after birth, many birth defects affect the individual, parents and families across a lifetime. Learn more about birth defects at each stage of life.

6 Ways to Build Lasting Healthy Habits

(Family Features) Starting on a path toward healthy habits is often easier than maintaining them long term. This year, you can avoid a major pitfall of healthy resolutions and build healthy habits that stick by working small, positive steps like these into your daily life.

4 Steps to Self-Monitor Blood Pressure

(Family Features) Nearly half of all adults in the United States have high blood pressure, or hypertension, and many don't even know it. To stay on top of your blood pressure and manage risks, follow these easy steps to self-monitor blood pressure.

Give Plasma. Save Lives.

(NAPSI)—As Alice Drennon entered her 50s, she started experiencing a lot of severe infections. After missing 122 days of work in one year and numerous medical visits and blood tests, she learned, …

Holiday Halitosis: Causes and Combatants of Bad Breath

(NAPSI)—Here’s a hint to help everyone breathe easier this holiday season: Before you head out the door to your next holiday function, make sure your breath is set for close conversation by …

Stepping Out Of The Shadows Of HIV

SPONSORED BY ViiV HEALTHCARE (NAPSI)—Ann is a 74-year-old retired principal and grandmother living in Connecticut. Robin is a 58-year-old community health educator and mother of four living in …

Diabetes Management: It Takes a Team

(NAPSI)—Almost every American has a family member or friend affected by diabetes, and more than 1 in 10 Americans have the disease. Diabetes occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, …

Quitting Might Be the Best Gift to Give Yourself This Year

(BPT) - The best time to quit using any form of tobacco is always now. Keep these three things in mind as you start your quit journey with the New Year.Prioritizing our own mental and physical health …

Top 7 things a cardiologist recommends to improve heart health

(BPT) - If the new year inspires you to reassess your health and wellness routine, this is the perfect time to focus on the core of your well-being: heart health. You can take positive steps today to …

Winter Tips for Adults with Plaque Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

(BPT) - Though winter can be a time of fun and festivities, it can be challenging for people living with plaque psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. The symptoms of these diseases can be exacerbated by …

How to stay proactive about your health with multi-cancer early detection screening

(BPT) - There are many ways to be proactive about staying healthy—from having a balanced diet and getting enough sleep to exercising.Having recommended cancer screenings like mammograms and …

Create Healthy Habits for a New Year

(Family Features) At the start of a new year, many people choose to embark on a journey to improve their health. Get started with these tips.

Caring for Older Adults: Managing heart attack treatment and follow-up care

(Family Features) As the proportion of older adults in the U.S. continues to increase, appropriate care for older people becomes increasingly important.

5 Ways to Manage Your Weight

(Family Features) For many people who wish to work toward a healthier weight, one of the greatest obstacles is figuring out where to begin. These tips show it doesn't take a drastic lifestyle overhaul to make an impact.

3 Health Care Trends for 2023

(Family Features) Understanding the state of access to care and other patients' booking choices may give a sense of optimism for 2023. Consider these health care trends for the new year.

5 Healthy Habits for Your Home

(Family Features) Your home living environment plays a major role in your health and comfort, so incorporating some new habits like these can help you establish a healthier lifestyle.

Abortion in America: How access and attitudes have changed through the centuries

Stacker consulted historical records, scholarly research, court documents, medical journals, news reports, and Guttmacher Institute data to trace the history of attitudes and policies around abortion in the U.S.

States with the highest flu vaccination rates

Stacker examined the CDC's Influenza Seasons Vaccination Coverage Trend Report to determine the states with the highest rates of influenza vaccination.