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Multiple Teachers Receive Tenure 


During the November meeting of the Overton County School Board multiple teachers received tenure. Among the honored teachers are April Stover, Lindsay Barnes, Vanessa Groce, Heidi Adams, Megan Lawson, Kelli Smith, Sarah Sullivan, Kara Brown, Dee Smith, Katherine Huitt, Courtney Todd, Brittany McLerren and Julianne Moffitt. During the meeting Jennifer Eilender expressed her congratulations to all the educators and the board for the accomplishment of having so many people eligible for tenure. 

The board also approved the following 142 FY24 items: Access for All Learning Network K-8 Rev #1, CTE Perkins Basic Rev #4, TN All Corp Rev #1. Resilient School Communities Original Budget, Title 1 A Rev #4, Consolidated Admin Rev #4, Title IIA Rev #4 Title IV Rev #4, IDEA Part B Rev #4, CTE Perkins Reserve Rev #2 and HQIM Literacy Implementation Networks Rev #2. 

The following people will be retiring: Lisa Huitt, and Robin Bowman, and the following will be resigning: Kim Sells, Abby Jolly, Katelyn Looper, Jacelynn Phillips and Heather Hoke. 

The board discussed the updating the bus trip pay. The board researched the surrounding counties to find the lowest paid trip drivers at $10 per hour while the highest are paid $21.77 per hour. The board discussed having the base rate for drivers hitting $17.50 per hour with a stop time of $10 per hour. The board also discussed for longer trips, 70 plus miles one way, the drivers should make a minimum of $100 stop time. The board ultimately passed the resolution with a 9-1 vote. 

The board also voted to set the sub pay for teachers and support staff. Non-certified teachers will make 50 percent of the starting teacher pay rate which comes in at $105. Certified subs will make 60 percent of the starting teacher pay rate which comes in at $126. The support staff will make the base rate of the position in which they are filling. 

During the work session the board discussed bus driver insurance. To qualify for insurance employees of Overton County Schools must work 25 hours a week, but most drivers are working 4 hours a day or 20 hours a week. The board discussed talking with all part time staff members to see who is interested in possibly getting insurance and researching what the fiscal repercussions of the undertaking may be. 

The next meeting of the Overton County School Board will be December 12 at 6:30pm.