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Keep Pets' Health Top-of-Mind This Back-To-School Season


(Family Features) With kids back in school, many families experience a dramatic shift in their daily routines, and, for some pets, this sudden change in routine can impact their overall well-being. A survey1 by the IAMS™ brand found 73% of pet parents see at least one form of unfavorable behavior in their pets when their kids go back to school. To help make sure school-year routine changes don’t derail pets’ overall health and wellness, consider these tips from Dr. Laura Robinson, DVM, and learn more at IAMS.com/backtoschool.

1The IAMS brand partnered with Atomik Research to conduct an online survey among a sample of n=1,004 parents who have cats and/or dogs in their household, as well as children between the ages of 5 and 18 in school. The survey was conducted between July 21-July 25, 2023.